Cannot concentrate at work!


I have posted on here before about my cognitive issues at work.  An OT came to visit me at work and gave me some advice on how to cope with concentration and fatigue at work (unfortunately my boss was off sick on that day but he's seen the document and agrees with everything).

However, despite me being re-assured by my boss that he and the main boss want to keep hold of me and will make allowances for my cognitive issues, I've had the two most stressful weeks ever.

I've been given one of the most difficult peices of work (because everyone in the team thought I had the right skills to do it).  However the work took longer than expected (so did other people's tasks in the team so I wasn't the only one).  I was doing an average of 9 hours a day without a lunch break and then logging-on to my PC from home in the evenings when my children had gone to bed.  Inbetween the tasks I had a day off sick because I was exhausted. 

In our project review meeting the main boss said that my approach had obviously been wrong because we hadn't finished.  I felt like saying 'f*** you, do you realise how much effort I've put in, despite feeling so damn rubbish?!'.  My boss didn't even step in!  I arranged a meeting with him afterwards but he went off sick, infact he's had more days off than I have!  lol

I felt like my head was exploding and was taking it out on my wife and kids.  That is the worst part.  I don't want to look in a few years and wonder why I let it get to me.

Any suggestions?  Physically I am doing sort of okay at the moment, pain but managable, but mentally I'm a mess!


Hiya mate,


I presume you have RRMS which can generally come and go and medically that’s best left to your doctors.


To ease your problems contact ‘Access to work’  lots of help available from taxis to and from work to work helper.


Go for it mate and it will save your employer by paying 80% of any improvements they should make under the Equalities Act.



I don't know this from personal experience, but I know from friends that getting changes made in some workplaces can be a mammoth effort in itself. The basic fact is that your OT department recommended some changes which your boss agreed to. And then promptly reneged on! 

It sounds like you need to get OT involved again, and make everything completely formal and official - approved by senior management, etc. As George says, Access to Work might be able to help you with this. Once things are formalised, you can use it to say no when you get unreasonable requests!

Remember that your employer isn't just being nice by doing these things - they are meeting a legal obligation. If they don't, they leave themselves open to legal action.

Good luck!

Karen x



Thanks everyone for your comments.

I finally had a word with my boss today and he said that everyone in the team and management think I do an excellent job, and I probably just got the brunt of the manager's frustration with the whole team.

I've been given a few options - to go back to my old role (less stressful), transfer to a different team utilising my existing skills but less pressure or stay where I am and maybe have some help.