Tiredness and work

Hi everyone,

I work part time but i get extremely tired nearly every day.At the moment all my wrist ache has anyone got any suggestions as i go to work come home and usually fall asleep.I have been diagnosed with ms.

Thanks for any help




If you've been diagnosed then the best person to contact is your ms nurse for advice and help on managing fatigue. Maybe someone else with better knowledge will help you out.

I'm afraid there are no simple answers with fatigue. If you download the relevant info booklets on here and on the MS Trust website, they may give you some ideas, but you should also have a think about your job - is there anything you or your employer could do differently that would help? Remember that MS is automatically covered by The Equality Act. That means that your employer has to make "reasonable adjustments" to allow you to stay in work. For me, that included coming in after the rush hour and using the medical room to have a sleep after lunch every day(!), but it can cover anything from new equipment to different hours.

As fjear suggested, it's worth talking to your MS nurse too. There are two well known meds that some MSers find helpful. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get modafinil these days as there has been a clamp down on it, but amantadine is still available. It doesn't work for everyone, but is worth a try.

I hope you find some things to help you.

Karen x

Hi ya and welcome happy2

As others have suggested, it's definitely worth contacting your ms nurse or if you haven't yet got one yet then chase the hospital up. Nurses can offer so much help and advice along with other services you may require. Help with fatigue is worth asking about.

As for work, it's my advice that you tell your employer about your diagnosis, that way they're obligated to make 'reasonable adjustments' to help you carry out your work. My employer recently bought me a much larger screen to work on and they help me with whatever I need wherever they can.

Depending on what you do for a living there's probably loads of little adjustments that you can make yourself too - and at home.

Good luck

Debbie xx