Cannabis to be legalised for medical use

Hi folks

The other day I heard on the radio that Cannabis is to be legalised for medicinal use.

Sounds like we will need to obtain a prescription from our Neurologist and then get it past our GP.

Though I’ve just heard that it will probably only be prescribed after sufficient research has to be done for each illness to prove that it works, so I think it will be up to NICE.

I posted this on the everyday chatroom and was met with a negative response.

Wendy x

Wendy you have had no response on here! I doubt that we will get Cannabis before I am long gone it is a political hot potato and no Government wants to be seen as soft on ‘drugs’ the fact that many people would benefit from medicinal use is irrelevant when it come to votes


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I’ve been using CBD oil for the last year or more & it’s made zero improvements. There’s a dark paranoid side to CBD & it’s a proven medical fact. I’m constantly hounded by the illegal local peddlers, thinking I’m their potential customer. When I can get it delivered to my door via Ebay, like anything else, I just don’t understand the constant pushy ness of people.

Iodine & Apple Cider Vinegar, has been far more useful for helping with my MS symptoms & by saying so, I’m targetted by the mob of idiots. Ya know what I’m saying peeps. Stay cool & chill.

Booking my Caribbean cruise tomorrow.


LOL sorry i loved your post.

the point is we have a medication for MS called Sativex and oh yes NICE think its too expensive for us to have.

I cant imagine me starting to use pot lol, i only live 2 doors away from a pot pusher who gets arrested now and then but is still selling it and boy its cheap from what i have been told.

I dont agree in drugs not even pot as i have sadly seen the negative sides of it from 3 people i know. One is now back in a dry house, one sleeps all day, and the other one has no idea what time it is sadly.

The trouble with it is unless its regulated properly it can be harsh stuff. I am totally ignorant on the wise and way forths of it but did ask my step son why it had such an affect on him he is again in a dry house, he told me its because he was buying street pot which is designed to be much stronger.

jeez well i never knew that.

It sort of works in the states for medicinal use my friend has an allowance to grow so much and it works on her MS.

I just get fed up as sativex is there why cant we have it.

enjoy your Caribbean cruise.

ps. I find drinking coconut milk fortified with b12 and vit D, and eating prunes and dried figs is helping me lol My grey hair is turning black how funky is that. xx

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I use b12, b6, d3 & have alphabet spaghetti. Dried prunes clear any obstructions.

The CBD & pot debate is so stoners can get their habit classed as a medical condition & become stoned on the NHS. It’s a similar situation to Methadone & Heroin. Multiple Sclerosis has nothing to do with drugs habits.

Street pot is grown in basements & lofts. Never seeing the light of day. That’s not natural & what is used to water the plants isn’t rain. Surrounded by chemicals & smells of a sewer.

For aches & pains there’s many safe things to use. Essential oils & having massages.

Improving diet & exercise is the way to go. Help the immune system.

More medications are causing all the health problems, in my opinion.

My GP didn’t even know what MS was & prescribed many different medications for made up conditions.

The last crap I got from the Chemists, sent me around the twist & the so called experts tried telling me I was hallucinating, because of where the scars are in my brain. My MRI images, scare the hell out of me. How was so much damage caused? I personally think, it was because I was facing so much stress. My brain just crashed & burnt out. Steering well clear of scum bags & changing my lifestyle has been awesome.


I was fortunate enough to be put on it a couple months ago and my OT phoned yesterday to ask how I had been getting on and I had to report that it didn’t do anything for me at all unfortunately.

It left a taste in my mouth that I can only describe as concentrated seaweed but it did reduce my Toblerone intake


I never knew about the condition of Toblerone intake but I think I may well give it a try and see if I can get it trending on twitter. Don

Sativex £375 for a months supply. Marijuana £150-£200 per ounce, you do the sums.

Yes Terry I’m pleased for you and I agree, looking after your health and caring about yourself goes a long way but I was hoping that cannabis might help me cut down on some of the nasty drugs I unfortunately need to help with my pain.

Maybe I’ll try CBT oil, it does seem to help other people with MS and Fibromyalgia.