this is my first post, so I’m not sure if it’s ok, apologies if not.

ive have PPMS and am also a medical cannabis patient.

Can I ask if you consume medicinal cannabis?

do you have a script or GYO?

be interesting to meet other patients x

hi gbm

how did you get medical cannabis?

i’ve just started vaping an oil called cannabliss (just cannabis with the bliss removed!)

do you have a script from your gp?

c x


Are you in the UK? I know other countries don’t have our backward view of cannabis…


Jo x

Hiya gbm,

I take it you refer to sativex; see Cannabis | MS Trust

We are so out of date in this Country. Illegal drugs are arguably the biggest problem facing mankind. When are we going to realise that prohibition does not work? The rise of the Mafia in the USA was because of the Government ‘prohibited’ alcohol. We in the west; so called first World Countries must make sure the farmers of the Poppy or Coca Leaves earn legal money to support their families.

I’d like to widen the discussion because I have lost my one and only; lovely son whose drug addiction and eventual demise started with Marihuana that leads to Crack.

It’s a very hard decision but I think we should go like Portugal and decriminalise every drug. Why are drugs so rife? Because pushers earn lots of money. The Police and HMC will not stop this trade although they do well; they will admit that.

Take away this by putting all drugs free under the NHS and you instantly stop 60% of people in Gail stealing to fund their habit, drug barons making vast fortunes. Fewer people in Jail think of the money saved, we would even have room to incarcerate real criminals like motorists. Police would be able and have the manpower to concentrate on real crime.

Our schools are becoming ideal places for pushers to ply their evil trade, take away their money making; I won’t say earning; trade and you will have no pushers.

Did you know it’s very rarely the drug that kills but the st it is cut with, and sometimes it is st?

A little-added bonus, the NHS would be able to buy supplies from Peru or Afghanistan; the tribal leaders would soon realise it is more profitable to sell drugs legally. I believe it is assumed that 40% of the money from Cocaine is estimated to go to Al Keida to fund terrorism?

The disaster lead by Bush and that puppy Blair in Afghanistan is waiting for our great troops to get out and The Taliban will reintroduce their outdated law again. Women will become second class citizens and schools will be outlawed

The greatest advantage though is that all drug users would be known and helped to kick the habit.

In Portugal, it was thought that decriminalising drugs would make it the drug capital of the world. What has it done in reality, reduce drug taking by 10% in a year?

We must start thinking outside the box and stop just thinking it’s wrong so we will ban it. This is not a self-inflicted problem it is pure peer pressure, you must take a couple of Es to enjoy yourself all night, others do?

Society cannot prohibit much if anything, what happened with Alcohol prohibition in the USA? All it led to was the rise of the Mafia.

Reasons for de-criminalizing

  • 60% less in jail
  • Less Jails needed
  • Less staff
  • Drug Barons get no money
  • Police/HMC can concentrate on real crime
  • Less Police/HMC needed
  • Stop drugs being sold in schools
  • Drugs given to people would be clean
  • Addicts can be monitored and possible weaned off
  • Would be able to buy drugs from Afghanistan
  • If done correctly it could turn that campaign into a win

Reasons to not de-criminalise

  • It is not morally right


I’m entirely with you, George.

Apart from one particular - why is it morally wrong to outlaw drugs and not outlaw alcohol - which is just as destructive when used immoderately, as are most other drugs, it’s a question of degree of use, not use in itself.

If the government legalised them, they could also tax them (as with alcohol and tobacco), and increase their revenue. not to mention monitoring their use and preventing (hopefully) misuse.

And the war on drugs is just not working, is it?

Jo x

What about people trafficking for the sex trade? doesnt this rely on getting the sex worker totally dependent on illegal drugs?

someone tell me about how this fits as I am beyond my depth in this, but am interested.

George, I`m so sorry you lost your son this way…or any way at all. No-one should outlive their child.


Thank you Poll, xxxx

There’s another one; the sex trade, why ‘prohibit’ it? You are not going to stop the oldest trade in the world. We are just letting pimps earn lots of money from these girls.

Some Madam’s do a great job by running a brothel; not letting drugs on the premises; a good example how they should be run. Don’t leave it to some cheap; drug ridden experience down some dirty alley.

These girls do an essential job; some men without relief will rape and murder to get their way.

I have never experienced one; honest.


George, no words I can say will take away your hurt, but i am truly sorry anyway, my brother in law was indeed empowered as well. I applaud your bravery in your very honest opinion. I, as many regulars on here know I take Cannabis, in it’s natural form, for pain. I tried to get prescribed Sativex, no chance. I am not addicted or going to be, but, I have it, in my house, 24/7. Just knowing I have it most of the time helps. I try to do with out if I can, basically, George is right, if the supply is legal, the less the want, stigma gone, no urge, although urge in our case is badly worded, backup, is a better description. I have tried it in food stuffs, but find vaping it is far better, more effective. At least what cannabis is it’s natural, no additives, unknowns or synthetic distress, try natural, if you feel overwhelmed, stop. Tracey x

Hi guys,

no I live in the U.K., I do have a script for Sativex,

but I also use cannabis. Cannabis isn’t a gateway drug, it’s a treasure trove of in tapped potential as medicine.

dont forget CBD is legal in this country, but I really in high THC for my pain.

when I was diagnosed I started my medicinal cannabis journey it’s been 3 years, I fought my LHB and won for Sativex, but I’m

also a great advocate for medicinal cannabis, you can help and treat yourself, it’s so easy. It’s a safe drug, safer than opiates, cigarettes and alcohol, you are more likely to die from taking a selfie, deaths from cannabis, worldwide, ever…

don’t believe the media propaganda you’ve been fed for years, honestly, cannabis helps my mood, cognition, pain and my appetite, plus so much more. We’re all adults, I cooseb cannabis as my medicine x

I do have a script I also consume cannabis, not the oil, but in plant form.


Yep I’m in the UK, you’re right so backwards, people are dying and suffering when they could be helped x

Hey brother,

prohibition is nothing more than a political choice, not based on science, based on an opinion.

why should patients suffer because of where they are born or live. The only stats that have gone up in Portugal are the number of people actively seeking rehabilitation. Don’t forget cannabis is legal in this country…sativex

tge hypocrisy is beyond belief