Cannabis Cream / Oils, Where to Buy?


my wife suffers from Fibromyalgia and finds that cannabis cream / oil work well in relieving the pain in the muscles. I just wondered if anybody knew of any other suppliers rather than just Amazon?

Many thanks for any advice.

So sorry to hear about your wife’s fybromyaligia. lt is another auto-immune disease -and is connected to a vitamin d3 deficiency.

l buy Cannabis oil -ebay- although it says Hempseed Oil on the label. l take a tablespoon a day. Have not tried to use it topically.

But l think l might try it on my painful tastes and smells pleasant. Not like the Sativex [cannabis spray] that l take.

lt can be used in cooking and salad dressings. The flavour is quite nutty.

l shall look to see if you can get Cannabis oil/cream anywhere else.

Hi, I take Cannabis leaves in milky tea at night for pain / sleep and for leg spasms it amazing now I don’t have problems sleeping or pain.

l would like to try this - l only get about 2/3 hours sleep at night - and never sleep in the day. l have been like this ever since l started with ms - 33 yrs ago. Sleeping pills do not work - and neither does amitriptyline. l have just looked up how to make it and it seems you need fresh green leaves - so it looks as if l need to start growing my own!! l also read that it helps with incontinence - which is new to me. l know it is good for spasticity and pain.

Thanks Simone.

spacejacket, I take Nabilone for spasticity, OK so it’s manmade but still doesn’t help with my bladder!

Sonia x

Many thanks for all your replies, some very useful tips.

Take care.