I have been smoking canabis for more than 20 years and i think its the best treatment for ms. I was diagnosed with ms in 2008 and have been taking rebif injections for the last 6 months. I find canabis helps with mood swings from side effects of injections. I have read canabis slows down the progession of ms and it is used in tablet form in the states. Why isnt canabis used for treament in the uk ?

It is on trial in the UK.

However I am against drugs of many kinds and if I was offered this trial I would NOT join it,I have seen to many lives ruined by drugs even canabis that causes paranoya wich then turns to violence.

I dont care what form the canabis comes it I do NOT agree with it.

Just today some young friends took drugs and ended up in hospital,it was the first time they had taken any drugs.I have worked with those who take all manner of drugs and I see what it does to them and there families.,

Im getting off my soap box now.

Maybe your ok taking it or at least you think you are.But it does ruin lives.



Hi Sativex is licensed for people who can’t take baclofen or zanaflex. Sativex is cannabis, I take it for muscle tightness.


Cannabis has been trialed in the UK (Cupid Trial) to slow down progression in SPMS

I was on the trial but had to come off it due to side effects.

Incidentally Charlie has a valid point, I've seen a young life destroyed by cannabis.

Sativex is virtually unobtainable in England,cannabis may exacerbate underlyimg mental health issues,especially in those under 25 years of age,has been scientifically proven to help mitigate various MS symptoms and frightens the living 5hite out of the NHS establishment..........................Paranoia



Hello Chris,

In the seventies when I was at University I could buy a 1/4 oz of Red Leb or Morocan dope and I do not believe it did me any harm what so ever.  These days the cannabis that is offered is called Skunk.  I'm not too sure what it is except that this dope is totally different from the dope I smoked at University.  In my opinion Skunk is dangerous, it did not do my son any good whatsoever.  Skunk will get you stoned but it is quite likely to affect your mental stability as well, the dope from 35 years ago just got you stoned.  Many people claimed the old fashioned dope or cannabis was beneficial for MS sufferers, it relaxed the muscles and reduced the muscular pain.

Sativex is extracted from cannabis and it is very strictly controlled therefore it will always have the same potency and purity.  As far as I understand Sativex has been cleared by NICE  the efficacy of sativex is unproven hence it is very difficult to get a prescription.  To link Sativex with Cannabis that you can but in a pub or on the corner of a high street is naive as well as doing a tremendous dis-service to the people who are doing the research into ways to make life for MS sufferers easier.

I will now get off my soap box.


I have smoked it for years. Has done me nothing but good according to my neuro. Off the record he told me that 90% of his patients use it. It slows down the prgression and is probably the safest medication for MS. He wishes it was legalised, at least for medicinal use. But it is not for everyone.

I would of closed this thread as it appears it is promoting illegal drug usage.

Also to compare an illegal drug to a experimantal treatment such as Sativexis out of contect and untowards.They are two completley seprate issues.

Plus to inbox me tabout illegal drugs is disgusting,DO NOT INBOX ME PROMOTING THE ILLEGAL USAGE OF DRUGS.If I knew how to complain to admin I would do so.Im going to look on how to complain.

As for 90% of MS suffers use canabis illegaly it simply a load of rubbish.I bet you if you asked people to be completely honest many many of us would say NO WE DO NOT USE ILLEGAL DRUGS.I would like to know Amanda P who your neuro is as I would certainly be reporting him and as a doctor he also is breaking the law to promote illegal drug usage.

Some of us have common sence and are NOT drugaddicts.Nore should we feel that we are now being accused of taking illegal drugs.

I am also AGAINST legalising canabis or any other drug that is so far on the BANNED list in this country.

Im no longer going to comment on this thread as its getting were it is people promoting the usage of ILLEGAL drugs I am disgucted that this thread has been allowed to go on as it is.

If my comments get me banned from this site then so be it.But I will NOT be a party to promotion of illegal substances.




STOP INBOXING ME MAKING FEEBLE EXCUSES ABOUT THE ILLEGAL USAGE OF ILLEGAL DRUBGS,what you inbox me is a load of crock.I have reported this thread.

If you wish help with any issues such as stresses or worries you have,benefits help etc I will be glad to assist you.

However stop inboxing about illegal drugs promotion.

Leave me alone.

Thankyou Charlie.,.....

Crikey this thread's gone a bit serious! 

Personally I like cannabis and feel it does me good and certainly doesn't have nasty side effects like the legal drugs doctors prescribe me. However I know that smoking is very bad for MS so I eat it in cookies -yum. 

Morally I see it as less harmful than alcohol which destroys countless lives and kills people. The reasons for cannabis being illegal are because of politics and tax, not in the interest of public health - and certainly not in the interest of MSers health! 

But although I don't share JellyBean's view, I think she should be left alone - she's entitled to believe what she likes and state her opinions.