Can you still get minor ops when you have MS?

A few years ago I was told I could have an op to repair my pelvic floor which hadn’t faired well after childbirth but was told they would wait until I had finished having babies.

So I now have my second baby but then have recently been diagnosed with MS.

I wonder if I can still have this procedure or if they just won’t bother as I have MS anyway!

You can have both minor and major ops! I’m sure it would be illegal to discriminate, just because you have MS.

However, if the MS has caused you to lose pelvic floor function anyway, it might be the case that it wasn’t clinically in your best interests, because it wouldn’t achieve any improvement. Assuming that’s NOT the case, I think it would be absolutely disgraceful if you couldn’t have treatment for unrelated conditions, because you “have MS anyway”.

Of course you can! You’re not a second-class citizen.



Thanks Tina!

After being in and out for tests all year the last thing I can be bothered with is any medical related, but feel it needs sorting. I haven’t become incontinent (yet) through MS but don’t want to write myself off entirely.

I think I’ll tackle it when I get back from my hols.

Thanks for the advice x

Tina told it like it is! And with some conviction too…good lass Tina!


Hi, I started having probs after the birth of my first child. However, I didn’t see a Gastroenterologist until after I’d been diagnosed with MS. He’d made up his mind it was down to MS before I’d even had any tests done! Bladder probs were also put down to MS though I later proved they weren’t. I think it’s more convenient - and cheaper - for the powers-that-be to bundle everything under the same label. Hope you get your op, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they decide not to bother. Bladder and bowel problems are such a feature of MS they might decide it’s one step forward to go 2 steps back. Heather

l had a total hip-replacement done 5months ago - l was up the same day and home in 4days. l don’t think my ms was any worse - and l have had it 31yrs. The leg that was operated on is my ‘good’ leg - the ms leg does not do anything l ask it to do!!