Can you move house if you have disability problems.

Hi to all, Can you move house if you have disability probs my husband has COPD and i have lots of health problems bowel bladder vertigo happened twice this week already back probs arthritis ect do you need letter from doctor. Stairs getting hard to manage cus of stiffness n arthritis ect Any advise would be welcome. Dolphin500.

Are you in social housing. (Council or housing association)? if so you need to contact them to let them know that the property no longer meets your needs and that you wish to be assessed for medical priority. Firstly they will want to see if anything can be done to make your current home more suitable. If not you will have to go through the bidding process ( or however it works in your area) but you will get extra points or a level of priority because you have a disability need.

If you are in private rented or your own home then you either need to make an initial application to the council or sort things out for yourself

i moved from my own home to a council bungalow because my house was totally inaccessible for a wheelchair. I didn’t wait very long at all but some councils have acute shortages of properties and the waits can be crushing


I am currently in a house struggling stairs my council saw me and then my mum got a call then my mum stated my problems so we got a form to fill in, sent it off they are going to send there own OT to do me an assessment I am in a council house.