Can you get the results from your GP instead of the neurologist?

I’ve had my review MRI and wondered if I could see the GP rather than the neurologist. The hospital is a nightmare for parking and miles away and my GP is only 10 minutes away. I’ve had a few pointless appointments that my GP could have told me about or sorted and I’d rather not repeat that.

most neuros send a report to the patients GP.

ask your GP if they have received anything from neurologist.

carole x

Hi Dextersmum,

Am I right in thinking you are not yet diagnosed? If conclusions of your review amount to what would, in fact, be a diagnosis, NICE guidelines say this should be conveyed face-to-face, by a neuro - not your GP. Wether they would be prepared to waive this, at the patient’s specific request, I don’t know. I think the point of it being the neuro is in case you had any questions you needed to ask, that a GP wouldn’t be qualified to answer. Of course your GP could read out a letter, saying you were diagnosed, but they wouldn’t be able to go much further, so it wouldn’t really be a proper way of telling you, and addressing any concerns you may have.

My diagnosis consultation was extremely quick - I think less than ten minutes, as they don’t like to bombard you with information anyway - they know there’s a risk you won’t take it in properly. But it was still with a neuro, not the GP. I can’t remember asking much, except: “We don’t know what causes this, do we?”. And he said: “No, but it’s nothing you’ve done!”



Thanks. My last MRI just had 2 lesions a year ago, so they have redone one with contrast. Once this appointment is finished I’m changing to the one nearer home rather than work if I ever need to go again.