Can just ask?

  • Did anyone else get taken off pain killer patches.I asked
  • Yesterday but cannot find post.First doctor said it was due to audit
  • Then 2weeks ago they stated that it was due to government deciding it didn’t help chronic pain
  • this the last straw for me
  • Or do they reckon m.s is not painful enough
  • I have arthritis,fibromyalgia,hardening of lobe in lung
  • is end of live a go for me sorry about this moan
  • But I am at the end of my tether please someone tell me
  • What I can do even told doctor I am thinking about getting my own sort
  • Of pain relief from somewhere else.
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Rosie it depends on what pain you are working on. fibromyalgia is very painful, i think you have to be referred to a pain clinic ask your GP. OR you can see a chiropractor as they have a pain consultant its not expensive to see one. seems you have so much going on it is a need more for generalised pain meds.

My husband had COPD and was on cocodomol 30/500, then they put him on tramadol but he didnt like it so he stuck with co codomol the high strength he got from doctor.

He was never on anything much else.

what pain patch were you on?