Fibro or M E

I had to see the clinical phycologist on friday, explaining to him how my condition has got worse the pains are now horrendous, it now would seem ive got fibromyalgia rather than ME, hes is writing to my gp for pain patches and some other meds, so here we go again

I don’t have fibro, but I’ve heard the pain is truly terrible. I really hope the patches work for you.

Karen x


i agree with mary, i dont care what they want to call it either, just look after the symptoms and look after me!!

if you cant get to gp why not give them a ring and tell them what you’ve told us, the gp may well ring the physcologist to confirm what you say or he may just prescribe them for you.

its awful to be in so much pain. i hope you get some relief soon.

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lally it can be BOTH. You can have fibro and M.E together, even fibro and MS, fibro and Lupus, fibro and RA.

The pain is horrible, my friend at one point was on morphine patches.xxxx

Ive been on co codemol and baclofen, but they dont work for me, Im now being put on morphine patches and a new fibro med, Ive also been refered to a pain clinic, the pains are that bad I could scream for most of the day, Kel I hope you can manage to get your meds sorted

I think its called duloxatine, Ill let you know more when my gp finally gives it me

I have fibromyalgia and the medicine we are given is more or less the same as MS patients.

I find that the medicine does not help and over a period of time they are not good for the kidneys and liver and can cause other health problems.

One medicine that is given to patients with fibromyalgia and MS also is Amitriptyline which the pain clinic said is good for nerve pain and can help you sleep but if it does not help with the pain then its best not to take it, anyway thats what the pain clinic have said.

They say with fibromyalgia that we are low in magnesium so it would be good to try taking some as this is good for the muscles and they also say we have a overload of toxins in the body which can cause symptoms. They also say that our adrenal gland is burnt out, under active thyroid, horome inbalance, and a over growth of yeast but a lot of us have been dx with IBS. The research in US is much better than here.

I have had fibromyalgia for seven years now and the doctors just keep filling me with medicine which does not help at all and if you go on the fibromyalgia association website you can post questions yourself. The doctor just keep treating the pain and not the cause.

A underactive thyroid can cause symptoms of pain and fatigue, have a look at the symptoms, you should get your doctor to check to see if you have a horomone inbalance and if your adrenal is working correctly as they believe this is the problem with fibromyalgia.