Pain Clinic

Hi i have finally got an appointment with the Pain Clinic taken 3 months now lol. I received a copy of letter to their consultant from my neuro, and he is recommending Lidocaine Patches.

I cant find anyone on these for MS, so was wondering if anyone has experience with them or not. They dont read good for me, and I am a light weight on pain meds anyway. 1 paracetamol puts me to sleep lol.

Just interested if anyone else is on these for advice really. Thanks for your time. x

Hi, I recently went to the pain management clinic, my wait was over six months but glad I went. I do have nerve pain on my mid back sometimes and the doctor suggested I could have injections to numb the nerve pain if it gets too much.

I had a quick read about Lidocaine patches and they are given for treatment for allodynia a symptom seen in various conditions including MS. The patches are also given for nerve pain after shingles. Interesting as I have had allodynia before on my thighs from MS. I was unable to wear any clothing on my legs as the touch of the clothing on my skin was painful. I had to wear shorts at home.

I would also be interested to know if others have used these patches.


Thank you very interesting, i am not sure about it, and cant find much information only with research of people actually doing studies on it, with MS patients and placebos.

Yes i get that on my legs, its not nice is it. Thank you i wonder if others have used it. x

Hi, using the patches for 2 years and they help the back pain significantly. I am allowed use 3 at a time, you can cut them up if needed and stick them were pain is. You wear them for 12 hours on and 12 off. No side effects as they are topical, well worth a try.