Can I have MS at 62

HI Guys, Just a question really can you get MS at 62, as i always thought you had to be 20 to 40 years old…but i have a lot of systems that related to MS,im trying to get my GP to refer me to a Nuro, can amyone help…Many thanks Mac

Hello mac

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Well I am 62 they think i had it for many years prior.

IF you do a timeline of symptoms i bet you can pin point them from a long time ago…

MS can be diagnosed at any age! Peak age for diagnosis is in the early- to mid- thirties. Statistically, as you get older, it becomes less likely, but not impossible. I think we have at least one or two people here who were diagnosed in their 60s. I’m by no means saying you do have MS; at 62, there are probably more likely explanations. But you never get too old for MS to be ruled out completely.


Hi Mac51

Yes, you can get it at your young age.

I had onset at 69, and a formal Dx at 70. The more you learn about MS, the more you will learn that averages are meaningless. If you get it, you get it. It will develop as fast as it develops. We are all different. The best advice you can get is to do whatever you want to, while you can still do it.

If you have not yet had a formal (or informal) Dx of MS, start thinking about Critical Illness Insurance, enquire ever so discreetly about Ill Health Early Retirement, and plan for the worst. If you are in a house, think about a bungalow (wish I had). Visit that son/daughter in Australia while you can still get on a plane. You get the general idea.

But, it really is not the end of the world.


On the subject of travel insurance I can recommend Avanti. We planned a trip to the US last year - I have EDS and a serious thrombophilia (history of multiple PEs and DVTs) plus my current ?MS and hubby has PAD (recently had an endarterectomy). The initial quotes we had were ridiculous - more than the entire holiday cost. Avanti came in much cheaper - still not super cheap but a lot less than the other quotes and made the holiday ‘doable’.

Very unlikely critical illness insurance will still be an option, if Mac has already approached the GP about symptoms - meaning there will be a record.

Unless the symptoms complained of are NOT obviously neurological, cover for any and all neuro conditions will probably be turned down.

I was lucky, insofar as I’d only ever been to the doctor about “aches and pains” prior to taking out the insurance. Although I’m now positive those aches and pains were all related to MS, they were nothing specific enough to put a reasonable person (including a reasonable GP) on notice that I had, or might have, MS.

For once, it worked in my favour that I hadn’t been to the doctor about every little thing, and aggressively pursued answers. If I had, it’s likely there would have been evidence of a pre-existing neurological problem, and either I wouldn’t have been granted the insurance in the first place, or my claim would have been turned down, due to the inference I’d known - or at least my doctor should have known - I might have MS.


Thanks guys, ive already spoken to my GP and Urologist about the possibility of MS and they both agree i should see a Nuro Consultant. My symptoms come and go so cant say that there there all the time but have had minor problems with nerve opain since i was in my late thirties, but your advice is very helpful, i must admit im not looking forward to the diagnosie. Have a Great 2014 Many thanks Mac

Hi Guys just an update GP givenm me Baclofen not qiuet sure what there ment to do…he did say but ive forgotten

Baclofen is a muscle relaxer Mac, so will help with spasms

Thanks Blossom

Hi guys really not feeling well today feel drunk, right arm numb and shooting pains down my legs from my waist, and most of all so tierd even though ive been to bed, but been very sick in the night, sorry to winge on but just needed to tell someone. Mac

Sorry your not feeling well Mac. Do you have someone there with you?

All you can do Mac is listen to your body and just go with it…rest and sleep. Don’t forget to drink though and have something light to eat. Fine if your not up to eating but keep yourself hydrated.

If your no better tomorrow, you may need to call your gp…it could be flu or something else.


Hi everyone, please help! I have since October face tingling and also I stuck in my buttock left side just now better but still ache, tingling nights in legs down waste, please help no neuro pays attention, just mri of brain in ER was normal and all look at that but not my stmptoms, what should I do((( sorry for spelling I am not very good in English, live in US. Thanks a lot, any advise please!

Please if someone is here, I need your advise! Thanks a lot


If you’ve seen a neurologist and had an MRI, and the neurologists opinion was that there was nothing they could find wrong neurologically, I suggest you go and see your primary healthcare practitioner and ask for their help and advice. It may be that your symptoms are caused by some other ailment, ie not neurological. Or that you need to be re-referred to a different neurologist who might take your symptoms more seriously.

You may find more help is available to you on the American Multiple Sclerosis Society’s website as the healthcare system in the US is very different to that in the UK.

Best of luck.