Can I ever win?


I’ve been doing quite well lately with diet and fatigue.

But my right arm and hand are my saviour. So why have I developed tendinitis in my strong hand?

Oh, is it the beast fighting back because I’m enjoying myself?

Let it try. (Ouch as I type)


Steve, I’m definitely not a medic but always believed that tendonitis is also called tennis elbow. Not suggesting that you’ve been playing tennis (or maybe you have!) but think that something like ibuprofen should help cure it tho it may take a while. If you’re really concerned see your GP but don’t let it take away your normal positivity will you.

Tippy x

Hello Tippy.

That is a possibility. The physio looked at me last Tuesday and wasn’t too concerned. It’s just a sign to be careful.

I had tennis elbow in the hip some time ago but it went after an injection and a new method of getting in the car.

All in all it’s a minor sort of thing given maximum effect. It’ll probably go away. I’ll tell it to.


It’s not fair Steve , my left arm is painful and stiff and won’t bend like it should it’s awful when my back itches or when I need to undo a zip on my dress or even if Frazer poos in a walk I really struggle to pick up with a poo bag . He walks on the left of my chair so it’s always that arm. I hope you feel better soon. Michelle and Frazer xx