Can first dose of Kesimpta lead to flare up?


I had my first jab of Kesimpta last week. I had the expected flu like symptoms in the evening after. Since then my MS symptoms have gotten worse, to the point I am struggling to walk. I just wondered if this could be a new flare up, or if it is just a reaction to feeing poorly?
Sorry still relatively new to all this.
TIA for any advice

The best thing I can suggest is to give your MS nurse and Neurologist a call and explain whats happening. Might be a bad reaction to the medication but they will likely know.

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Hi @Kate2329
I’m on Kesimpta too, since last August. Tbh, I like being on this dmt, it’s done wonders for my constant back ache, just can’t wait for next dose in a month’s time.
I think due to the nature of multiple sclerosis being a long-term illness, flare-ups do happen periodically, regardless if your on a treatment or not.
Interestingly, I didn’t have another flare-up for 9 nine years after onset, I wasn’t even on any medication for MS.
Hope you feel better again soon,

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I’m also on Kesimpta. In the week or two after I started, my MS did not “improve” - in fact I had a return of a mild sensory symptom I’d had before. But there wasn’t an obvious relapse.
It sounds like you might have had a relapse - I’d say it’s definitely worth contacting your local service to tell them. Firstly, so that they have it on record, and secondly, in case they can help you with the symptoms and your walking. Someone needs to assess whether or not you might need steroids, whether to wait and see whether it improves on its own. Do you think physio might help you? Perhaps they could refer you for that.
Given how recently you have started, it may be that the Kesimpta hasn’t taken effect yet - i.e. the relapse has its roots in the period while you were waiting for treatment? Waiting periods are sadly too long… Ultimately though if you do keep getting relapses on Kesimpta they will need to assess whether it’s the right DMT for you. At any rate it should be on record somewhere.

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Hi, I’m in a similar position. I had a flare up start two days after my first injection. It’s still rumbling on a few weeks in. How are you getting on?