buzzing tailbone?!

Since yesterday afternoon I keep getting a buzzing in my tailbone, it’ll last for a about a minute each time and comes and goes randomly. It’s not painful and doesn’t happen at any particular time, I can be standing, sitting or lying down, and it doesn’t happen when I look down.

Is this something that I should be writing down in my big book of odd things to tell my neurologist? Anyone else had this sensation?

(I’m not diagnosed, just being investigated)

By tailbone, do you mean your coccyx? Or arse? (Or bottom if being polite!)

It does sound sort of neurological. I’ve never experienced it, but then we are all a weird and wonderful collection of oddities.

So, I would definitely put it in your ‘big book of odd things’, as usual write down when it started, if it stops completely, when that happens, and of course that it ceases when you tilt your neck.

There are just so many strange things that can happen to the human body. It sometimes makes me so impressed that any human bodies work. They are made up of so many bits and pieces (that’s a medical term you understand!) and when they work they are a truly incredible thing.


I meant coccyx, at least I think that’s what’s buzzing, I just assumed that it was my coccyx. Although I did phrase it as “My arse keeps buzzing!” to my husband last night - If you can’t find humour in things life just isn’t as much fun :slight_smile: It doesn’t stop when I tilt my neck, I meant that moving my neck in any way doesn’t bring it on - which I am taking to be a good thing

Bodies really are so strange, you’re right, it really is amazing that we manage to function at all!

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