Buzzing in head

good afternoon, I am being Mad by a continual buzzing in my head, which some times get´s unbearable, dose any one else have this problem, has any one fond a relief? I would be most greatful.

Hi Beatrice, no I don’t think you’re being mad at all. I have continual buzzing in legs, sometimes in arms and torso and sometimes on face… not in head though but that doesn’t mean you’re mad.

What I do get in head is a feeling of pressure… like my head might explode. It’s connected somehow to the tinnitus I have… very high pitched whistling in my head that feels more on left side of head than right. This goes up and down in intensity and at it’s worse when my other symptoms are bad… but it never ever goes away.

I’m wondering if you can hear the buzzing? If so it could be same thing… MS related tinnitus. Get much worse on any medication except Amitriptyline.

I find Ami good for the buzzing in my body. It doesn’t stop it exactly but lessens it a bit and mostly makes me notice it less.

Have you tried it? Might be worth a try.

If you can hear the buzzing and think it’s tinnitus let me know and I’ll give you a few tips that help.

Pat x