Buzzing feeling in fingers

I woke this morning and my right arm was numb for about two hours now i am getting terrible buzzing feeling in my hands and fingers of both hands., just woundering if anyone else has had this


I think a lot of people have this, do you have MS or being tested for it?

I only ask as if you are tell your GP if its a new symptom to others. If your not then you mayve have just trapped a nerve, milliond of things can cause it. My wife sister has something like that and the doctor told her to just shake her arms ot get the blood flowing, nothing to worry about.

i’m waiting for my nuroligist appointment to come through at the moment, my doctor said he’s 99% sure it’s MS but i don’t know.

The buzzing feelings new, but for the last year i’ve had pins and needles, numbness ,loss of vision, bladder issues, and walking is a real problem at the moment,

I think your right it’s best to tell me gp about it, i’ve been keeping a diary like he asked.


Interesting how GPs differ. A while back when told “probably MS” I asked whether I should keep a diary and GP said not to as it makes you “look for symptoms”. Jane x

I know what you mean jane, doctors differ so much, My gp has been great for years i wounder if he told me to write it down because i’ve already been dignoised with fibromyalgia nealry 12 years ago and i just thought these were new symptoms…

Did my doctor tell me off for waiting a year…just be glad to have an answer to be honest, fingers crossed it isn’t but if it is then i just want to know what i can do to either help or minimise the symptoms,

thanks for you reply x