Hi ,

Well called Dr today and got phone call back from locum …The reason i called was this (hug) type feeling is becoming stronger especially when walking or doing any type of exercise at all , i also feel like i have a lump in my throat when swallowing even a cup of Tea expalined this to her and she replied ?

I can give you Buscopan …

I advised normally i would be given diazepam , which after a struggle she gave me.

Am i silly or is Buscopan not for indegestion …Well i have heard of this crushing feeling where it hurts your ribs many things but not indegestion …

Oh well moan over

Mandy x

Buscopan is used for people with irritable bowel syndrome, im pretty sure its for stomach cramps…usually taken along with gaviscon for the indigestion part of IBS. I suppose it may help with cramps/spasms in the abdominal area ?? Not sure if it would help with the hug though, i know mine is around my ribs and back and parts of this may look like indigestion pains but i dont think its the same thing. x

Hi Cat,

I dont think it is either but i couldnt believe she would offer me even something for IBS which i dont have, She did advise me she wasnt sure about what had happening as she is not my GP or been dealing with me however i did tell her at present i am diagnosed with CIS probable MS …

The tightening becomes stronger and starts to hurt my ribs i can bear it but very uncomfortable and starts to get achie spellings not geat sorry. My legs have the stronger sensation of buzzing up and down you would think i had been standing on a vibro plate for an hour and stepped off LOL

Anyway thank you for your reply

Mandy x

Buscopan is used for bloating/nausea and abdominal cramps - so IBS/gastrointestinal symptoms. I know because my partner takes it. I’m not a doctor but the hug is the intercostal muscles around your ribs going into spasm. You need a muscle relaxant - like diazepam to help relieve it though there are other meds as well which can help like baclofen depending on the severity of your symptoms. If you’re lucky it can got of it’s own accord also.

Glad you pushed to get your diazepam. I don’t think buscopan would have done much to be honest!



Hey Mandy…i get the hug too and Reemz is right, i was prescribed baclofen for it. Prior to that i found that stretching helped me, maybe not for everyone and its not a cure but i found the more i sat with the pain the worse it got x

At least your tummy would be happy lol

with regard to the buscapan, i work in an a+e department and we use it for people who have throat spasms and foreign bodies so that may be the angle the locum was looking at - probably not much use with the hug tho!