ms hug

Hi, I seem to have the “ms hug” the last few days. Does anyone find they have indigestion at the same time?

I have had chest xray, blood tests and ecg, which all came back okay, so there doesn’t seem to be a problem with my heart.

Thanks for reading


hi rosie

sorry that you are suffering from the grip of death (hug is a cuddly word that doesnt describe it at all well).

the first time i had it, it only lasted for an hour, scared my family but somehow i knew that it was temporary.

the second time it lasted four days.

i took the maximum dose of all my neuropathic painkillers looking for relief.

then i became bloated, had indigestion and upset tum.

i personally felt that it was the gabapentin and other drugs that made me have indigestion and bloating.

most other people may have a totally different experience.

meanwhile i felt like a pregnant hippo.

carole xx

Many Thanks for your reply Carole.

Some of these drugs do not make us feel any better

Rosie xx

hi rosie

has the hug gone away?

if not, i’ll perform a spell for you “BE GONE horrid hug!”

it WILL go, hopefully sooner rather than later.

meanwhile chocolate is a good thing!

carole x

I’ve been noticing this around my waist area - and it does feel like a tummy ache or constipation can do. It is not severe pain but can get very uncomfortable. My last two relapses have started with what felt like gastritis, moving into nausea, and this pain, and then whatever it feels like doing. I am going to check it out with the MS nurses.

i have just started taking omeprazole for my vomiting/acid reflux.

it has settled my other tummy problems too.

it’s good to have a magic bullet.

carole x