MS Hug again....sorry!

Hi there. I have a quick question about the lovely ‘MS Hug’. How long des it last? I have had hug-like symptoms on and off for a month or more now, but not constantly. They seem to come and go, lasting for anything from a couple of hours to 2-3 days. Is that normal for the ‘hug’? I had it for a couple of hours today and the tight feeling was so bad I was wondering why my bra had suddenly got so tight, went to undo it and then remembered I’d already taken it off hours ago! One last question…is it usual for it to be so tight it makes you catch your breath and cough?? Any comments would be very much appreciated.

I’ve had simillar on and off for about 6 weeks now, exactly as you describe and yes to having the shortness of breath, but not the cough though. For me it feels a bit like indegestion only in my back. I might only get it once or twice a week, sometimes it lasts a couple of days, sometimes fades and returns.

Would you report this to your neuro/ MS nurse as a new MS thing? start of a relapse or something? I only ask as when I get strange things like this happen, I’m not sure if I should mention it then and there or put it on my symptom list, ready for my next neuro appointment.

Hi number08 I get the indigestion-type feeling, too, as well as tingling/numbness and extreme tenderness around the ‘band’. I’m not dx, so have no MS nurse, but will definitely mention it to the Neuro. I am seeing my GP next week, and may mention it to him so at least it’s on record.

Hi there, I have been dx since the end of July and about a month ago I started to get new symptoms. My doctor was not very helpful and said she did not know what it was. I spoke to my ms nurse and she said the way I was describing things it was the ms hug. I asked her why I have started to get this and she said that symptoms move around (dont really understand that bit). She prescribed me gabapentin and it has really worked. Like you I was getting so fed up of the pain and how it was taking my breath away. I am on a low dose of gabapentin and it has really helped with my other symptons too I feel pretty much like my ol self, with less bad days than before. Take care of yourself xxx

Hi Purpledot

I’m not DX by the way, I have what is described by my neuro as “likely MS”. I think she is waiting for another major relapse before she looks at my situation more in depth. I have been given a number for the MS nurses to call, which I did do back last week, but have heard nothing since.

Perhaps, you might be able to speak with a MS nurse to discuss the symptoms you are having?

Hi Purpledot

I have chronic muscle pain around ribs, then something quite different as you say, a tight feeling that makes you very concious of your bra. It is like the muscles have contracted and your bra becomes too tight. For me the sensation always comes around from the back and feels quite constricting. It can last for seconds to hours and can be quite frightening. I am not diagnosed as having ms but have mentioned it to my neuro. I am having an mri on the 10th November, so hope that results support a diagnosis.

Hope you get some answers soon.