Burning pain with activity

Hi, I’m new here and have poked around for a few days. I have a specific question about a pain symptom. I have not been diagnosed with MS - have clear MRIs of brain, cervical & thoracic spine, but my primary doctor suspects MS while neurologist didn’t give me much information, I’m going back in early November for a follow-up.

Symptom list (not all symptoms, but most) in order of appearance: neck tension & severe migraine for decades with the following symptoms starting 8 years to 1 year ago: unusual sensitivity to cold (especially feet), excessive/stinky sweat in left armpit, pressure point pain (sleeping/sitting), urinary frequency, muscle spasms (left side), disorientation with surroundings, unusual sensitivity to heat (especially head/trunk), low vitamin D, left shoulder/arm discomfort, spasms/bone pain in face, daily fatigue, noticeable slouching toward left side, urinary/bowel urgency, tingling in neck and left shoulder radiating to arm when using arm with burning pain around scapula, left foot/leg spasms/pain that increases with activity, intense shooting pains that come and go. I also have weakness on left side of body (on 0-5 scale my score is 3).

My question is, does pain with MS increase when that body part is being used or after being used, or is MS pain only random?

The burning pain around my left scapula radiates when I am doing anything in front of me, even typing instigates it. I am doing a second full round of physical therapy, but don’t see it helping with that. Looks like the physical therapy will only help me be able to hold my shoulder in place better.

Hi Stateside

I told my neuro that my I have great difficulty in regulating my body temperature.

I go from being frozen to being way too hot in a matter of seconds and vice versa.

Sweating buckets to shivering.

It is the hypohalamus that is responsible.

As for whether it is caused by activity - who knows, MS being a strange beast.

Continue with physio because we need to re-train our brains which needs a lot of practise.

Good luck


I think an increase in body temp(heat) can cause something called Uthoffs but think it is temporary when body returns to normal temperature. Oher muscular skeletal issues are so hard to fathom at times - pain in scapula , neck , migraine can be MSK related , myofascial pain etc. Also can come off your neck - cervical radiculopathy etc.

If not got diagnosis of MS there might be lots other things going on , and phsyios are usually quite good if they think its not resolving with a programme of exercise and its something systemic


Thanks for your reply. The burning pain does not happen when I’m overheated. When I am doing an activity in front of me it causes burning pain under/around my left scapula plus along my spine. When I’m done the activity the area still hurts and is often sore, but it is the burning pain that occurs when I wash dishes, fold laundry, or even wash my hands that is causing the most disruption in my life.

I guess what I’m trying to learn is if MS causes burning pain in the muscles while doing specific things?

Or does MS burning muscle pain occur at any random time?

I can’t use my left arm to type, file papers, put away supplies, box and ship items, or simply hold a piece of paper steady to write on it without burning pain. I’m starting to think I don’t have MS since my MRIs are all clear, but there doesn’t seem to be other conditions that fit my lengthy list of symptoms.

Best, Stateside

Hi catwomanCarole58,

That’s got to be super disruptive to your life with those drastic swings!

I’ve only been approved for 8 physio appointments, so 3 left to go this time around.

Last year I didn’t get any improvement from 16 visits, but I’ve got to persist!

Best, Stateside