Brussels in a wheelchair

Hi everyone Haven’t been on here since it changed and OMG doesn’t it take some getting used too! Anyway, my question is has anyone been to Brussels in a wheelchair and how easy (or not) is it to get around? Am thinking of going early next year for our wedding anniversary but don’t want to book anything until I know if it’s a place I could manage to get around. Many thanks in advance for any help/advice you are able to give.

Hi Ghanimah From memory the centre of the City is lovely and flat, so no issues. You’ll need a taxi or similar from the station which is a little way out. If you plan on going further afield (e.g. using the tube or to one of the outer quarters) you might find it more problematic. Tube isn’t easy and the outer areas are uphill. But the centre is beautiful and well worth a holiday by itself. Sorry I can’t be more helpful as it was a while ago and I’m dredging up memories here.

Many thanks and please don’t apologise, the info you gave is exactly the sort of thing I wanted! gives information on the accessibility of the public transport network. Whilst much of the city centre is accessible to someone in a wheelchair, some of the streets are cobbled, which could make pushing a wheelchair difficult. Many cafes, bars and restaurants will be able to accomodate a wheelchair on the ground floor, but the toilets are sometimes up a flight of stairs or in the basement. are a taxi company in Brussels that have wheelchair accessible vehicles, but you would need to specify this when booking.

why dont you try going on google earth to see if you can get the layout of the place of where your going hope this helps xxx