Brita Water Filter and MS

hi all,

I purchases a Brita water filter jug, and on opening read in the leaflet that something like it produces some potassium, and people with kidney disease or high potassium should consult doc before using. I dont have kidney disease diagnosed or high potassium but am due for an ultrasound scan soon of pelvic, as havin so many stomach problems, i guess it should be okay to use?

Also would it affect my ms in anyway, or any experiences of this type of jug would be appreciated, did u benefit from it?

thanx all

You can read advice on what is an adequate daily Potassium intake here

Potassium - Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University

and the average amount obtained by the average American adult here


Potassium Intake of the - Agricultural Research Service - US

You should be able to work out that generally we are failing to consume sufficient potassium which may be a reason why most people have a somewhat acidic diet which is partly caused by the amount of salt that is added to our processed foods and meals we eat away from home. One of the main themes of current dietary advice is to DECREASE the amount of salt in our diets and INCREASE the amount of vegetables (Potassium) to counteract the excess salt.

So before anyone needs to worry about Potassium excess we first have to solve the problem of Potassium insufficiency. Brita water filters also remove calcium and magnesium from your water and I’m not sure that is a good idea. While most of us will get calcium from milk, dairy, yoghurt, cheese and other dieatary sources we may be short of magnesium. This is particularly the case where people are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease both of which may be the cause of stomach problems. The tests for gluten sensitivity are not particularly accurate and many people find avoiding wheat and all foods containing gluten does resolve their problems even thougth the gluten sensitivity tests do not show a problem.