Brilliant headlight bulbs

Thinking of upgrading my headlights with these more expensive types claiming to give better light projection performance. Anybody tried them and know if they need a different housing and if it is legal to change over to them? Also, is there an equivalent bulb for the secondary pair of front lights?

Be very very careful!

Yes, you can get some very powerful bulbs (often called Xenon) and it is only legal to fit them if you change the the complete housing and reflector as well - assume a 3-figure bill.

You can get some "ordinary" bulbs in 100 watt power which will give you a much better light and which are illegal to use on the road (off-road rallying only).   Quite how the police tell the difference between these and the Xenon bulbs is beyond me.

You can get some legal power bulbs with a blue tint - lhese will look brighter (and that is all).

If in doubt, look for the words "homologated" (= OK) or "non-homologated" (= No-No).  if you get to France, it can be worth browsing the rack of bulbs in a hypermarket, as there are some that are about a 75-watt equivalent that are homologated.



Had to look that word up Geoff 'homologated'. Never heard it before. Shame it is so expensive to do a legal upgrade.

Of course, if you want to do an illegal upgrade (or just stick to “off-road” driving, I think I have a pair of 100 watt bulbs somewhere (dont know what fitting). I tried to give them away on Freecycle a few months ago, but got no takers.


Thanks Geoff but I am going to stick to being legal, having just got nabbed for £30 for turning right at a no right turn.