Brazil Nuts

Hi, I had a really bad day yesterday with spasticity. In fact, the spasticity has been getting worse over the last few months. Finally tracked it down to Brazil nuts. They’re high in selenium. You’re only supposed to have one or two a day, not the half a packet I’d been snacking on! Lesson learned. Haven`t had any today and feel much better. Heather

How bizarre! I didn’t know that about Brazil nuts but will be careful how many I eat in future. Thanks for sharing x

Just for future reference, about six brazil nuts will give you the daily amount of selenium your body requires.

I like almonds but they don’t have as much selenium…I eat about an ounce in one portion

I love nuts

I am Jen!! I’m surrounded by nuts of all shapes

completely useless fact for today but did you know that if brazil nuts are eaten by a bloke who then has ‘knowledge’ of a lady with a nut allergy then his ‘emissions’ will trigger her allergic reaction. This will only happen with brazil nuts.

And I am currently writing this from a work computer - hence the slightly strange language hehe

JBK xx


yes-did u hear that on qi? thats where i heard of it

ellie x

gotta love QI - its where I get most of my useless facts from hehe


Quite Interesting?

QI on the tellyJen…Stephen Fry

Add peanuts to the list also or remove the skin

Anon 2.0