Bowel Probs Sorry

Hi to all. I have a GP appointment tomorrow as i am having problems with my bowels as i large amount of bowel leakage used 4 pads today already i cant cope like this will i get a referal do u think its worse than when i had bladder problems does anyone know of a solution this happened today when i was at a course ive just started. Help anyone else have this problem. Dolphin500.

Are you normally constipated - because if you are impacted you will get a ‘overflow - leakage’ that bypasses. l have very little control of my bowels - which makes a prisoner of me. Not able to go on journeys - holidays. The Peristeen system helps a lot. l am hoping to get referred for an assessment for a Sacral Neuro modulation - this is an implant that controls the sphincter muscles controlling the bowel and bladder. Google it. lts like a pacemaker for the nether regions!

lts a bu&&er isn’t it. And l understand how you are feeling.

Hi Spacejacket. I Had a Pad on Earlier but still same Problems I am going bk to docs and going to demand that he refers me to a bowel specalist. I cannot cope with this any longer.It was bad enough with bladder probs now this no chance. i cannot be the only person with this problem surley. Dolphin500.

hi dolphin

the treatment that spacejacket spoke of Sacral Neuro Modulation is, i think, the latest solution.

so at least you know the name of it and can go and ask about it.

i totally empathise, it’s mortifying when things that ought to remain in the bathroom intrude on our lives.

good luck. i hope the doctor listens to your distress.

carole x

Thankyou Carole.