Bowel incontinence :(

I was active on these boards a few months ago while I went through diagnostic tests, eventually I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation plus syrinx. I underwent brain surgery in July with the aim of preventing any further damage to my spinal cord but damage which has been done will not heal. I’m very upset because I have bowel urgency problems which have led to a few accidents but today I had a bowel accident without even realising. I’m mortified. Does anyone here have bowel incontinence and if so how do you manage it? Luckily I was at home but I’m scared to leave the house now.

Hi Cookie

It is an unmentionable problem but it is a fact of life.

I had a major poo mishap some years ago.

My son’s cat needed to b e taken to the vets. I drove him and his cat there.

I was already feeling anxious about needing the loo but by the time he came back to the car I was sat in the biggest cow pat ever! I was mortified but he was really sweet about it.

Since then my bladder incontinence means that I spend a fortune on tena pants.

They can deal with most things and hold a moderate sized poo safely.

May be worth trying them.

Carole x

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Ask your GP to refer you to the continence team. I’m ruled by my bowel movements, so far no major accidents however I don’t think it’ll be long before I start using Persteen or something similar on a regular basis.

Best wishes

Jan x

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Hello Cookie.

Oh I know exactly how bowel accidents feel.

Had 2 this week myself. But fortunately, like you all but 1 of them ever happened outside of my home…and that`s bad enough.

How do I deal with these times? Well as I am quite disabled and reliant on hubby and carers for all personal care, they do most of the sorting out.

I have heard about folk using Peristeen, as a way of emptying the bowel before going out. But I dont feel the need for it yet.

Look it up and see if you think you would like to try it.


I’ve posted on this subject before as I had physiotherapy 6/7 years ago and this helped me immensely.

Try this exercise programme -

Sitting on a chair tense your anal sphincter muscle as hard as you can, relax, now pinch it half way, hold for 10 seconds and relax for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times and 4 times a day.

Before this exercise I used to look at places where I could take a dump (as my son would say), like supermarkets or large busy pubs and now I’ve confidence I can hold on better.

I’m fortunate that 5/10 mins after getting out of bed in the morning my urge to go is high and gets it out the way if you know what I mean. This is a weak pelvic floor pan I believe, but I’m near the toilet first thing - even in hotels.

Best of luck.


I am now able to manage my bowels using a system called Peristeen. This is a self administered irrigation that means I have 98% security so that I can go out and about with confidence. You can check it out online, ask your GP or refer to an incontinence clinic. I am about the most uptight and repressed person I know and I got through the referral with ease and am so happy that I did.

Good luck