Bouds contact

Hello everyone, Bouds wants to let you know she is OK and is still having problems accessing the new site. She wants to thank everyone for asking about her and she misses the contact with you all. I have sent Oliver (Admin) a message asking for help in getting her back onto the site.
M xxx


I look forward to seeing her on the forum, but glad to hear she is ok, thanks for that.

Pam x

Oh, good. I was starting to worry. Please keep us updated. Who else are we missing that hasn’t been heard from?

Maz, thanks so much for that, keeping us informed. I hope Oliver is successful helping Bouds. You can see how she is missed.

Take care all as the heat rises (if it affects you)


There are quite a few sadly. My brain is tired, names elude me at the moment.


I was trying for over 3 weeks to get into my account, I contacted Admin & mods countless times, followed their instructions to the letter but still could not get access, finally when my son (an IT programmer) visited us, it took him almost all day of fettling around doing computer “stuff” to finally get the site to accept my user name and new password.
We tried everything from deleting cookies, history & cache, using 3 different browsers, and different PC’s, I even tried creating a totally new account but that was rejected as my email address was on the sites system.

I still think I would be locked out if my son had not had the knowledge of computing and being able to sort out.

I think after a while of trying you do get to the point where you just lose the mental patient to keep trying and just think sod it, at least I did.