Boudica needs help!

Our Aunt Polly has been told by her carers that perhaps she should not be on this site.

Now if she has helped you anywhere near as much as she has helped me, please pop a word of support on her post on EL.

We can’t loose her!!

Angela xxx

By EL do you mean the Everyday Living forum? Will do x

Thankyou Angela, for flagging my post up here. I have been overwhelmed by the response. Bless you.

luv Pollx

Poll you are an inspiration and a font of knowledge xxx I would certainly miss you xxxxx

Poll we need you. You’ve been through so much in your journey and have a wealth of experience you can share with us regardless of your diagnosis. And - you deserve to be on a forum where you can get the support you need too.

We love you



Hi gang! I have sent a reply to all my friends here on el board. I`ve explained what I think are the reasons for my family and carers words.