botulinum injections for foot spasm?

Hi, thought I had already replied to you on this one…???

Anyway, I`ll try again.

I had botox for pains in my feet…neuro referred me.

But the botox doc said they dont inject into the feet...dunno why tho.

So he put 8 injections into each leg and yes, it was very painful.

Did it do any good? Did it chuff!

But it might help you, so give it a go, eh?

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Hi I had these injections for about 3 years. They were given because I have spasticity in my right leg. The injection themselves were quite painful because the needle goes deep into the calf muscle. They warned me that the injection may make my leg too weak to stand properly and thats what happened. It made walking more difficult so I stopped having them. A friend of mine has them into her shoulder and she is happy with them.

Lynne xx

Thanks for info. I will give it ago as my foot gets very painful. I will let everyone know how it goes.

Thanks again,