Botulinum injections for foot spasm?

Has anyone had this done, and could tell me a bit more about it?

My Neuro has suggested this to help my foot and toes which presently curl downwards and cramp making walking very painful.

I wondered how painful the injections are as I believe they inject into the muscle. And also how much weekness you are left with? Do the injections go into the foot or leg? will I be able to drive home from having it done?

I do have these injections around my eye as I have blespharospasm but they are tiny.

I would be really greatfully if anyone can enlighten me on this proceedure.



Hi, I had botox injections for painful feet some months ago.

The doc said they can`t inject the feet, so he put 8 injections into each leg. yes, it was very painful!

It didn`t do a thing for the pain.

I wouldn`t try it again.

But it might work for you, so i would try it.

Hope it helps.

luv Pollx

Hi Polly

Thanks for your reply. At least I can prepare myself for it, I think I get DH to drive me in that case and hold my hand. ( I’m a right whimp).

But I deal with thing better if I know what to expect.

Was the pain just while the injections took place or did it continue afterwards?

Thanks for your help


Hi twist I work with people with profoud disabilities and botox is regularly used to help with sasticity especially when various parts curl up both for the pain and to ensure personal hygiene can be maintained. If your toes curl in too much as time goes on not being able to cut nails etc may become an issue.

Saying that I have never known toes done and that injections in hands are painful for a while…benefits seem to be wildly variable and the people it works well for have the benefits for much longer than expected and others seem to get very little.

Not very helpful I know but I personally would think try it once then you will know one way or the other, and anything that aids mobility has got to be a good thing.I would definately not drive there though .


Hi Twist, I regularly (approx. twice a year) have botox injections into the muscles of my right leg. To relieve/relax the supertight/overactive muscles that restrict movement and therefore my walking. This procedure acompanied by regular daily exercises and stretching, I believe have kept me mobile for the several years. I have recently started on a small dose of Baclofen, which also helps.

In my case the injections are not too painful (just as reasurance, ‘they’ do the same procedure to children for spasticity). If you are a little nervous, take a couple of Nurofen beforehand. It will take about one week for the Injections to start working and the results last approximately 12 weeks. You will initially be started on the lowest dose and it can be a bit trial and error to see if it suits you.

Definitely worth a try, Botox was originally developed for this purpose - ie to help with spastcity with amazing results in most cases, not for the cosmetic industry at all.

Good Luck, Jo.

I am due to have this soon,in er,I think in May as there’s a waiting list in my area. I’m looking forwards to it so this info is very helpful,xxjo

Hi all,

This is quite an old post. I had the injections on Dec 1st. I had 4 near my toes on the top of my foot. They were not painful. Within a couple of hours my toes were like jelly but this soon wore off. It took about 2 weeks to get the full effect and it really helped my toes for about 5 weeks before it started to wear off.

I still had pain under the instep of my foot and my calf feels like it is going to explode. When I go back which should be in the next couple of weeks the neuro said he was going to try an injection in my calf so we will see how it goes.