Has anyone had experience of Botox injections inn the legs please?


Yes. Have Botox injected into tight/spastic muscles in right leg every three months.

Takes a few days to ‘turn off’ the spasticity allowing easier bending/moving of the leg

.Lasts for about ten weeks when I can tell it is wearing off.

Hope of help xx

Thank you Boojam. Are you still able to stand/transfer? I’ve found that if I take meds to treat spasm etc my legs become too weak to stand.


I am a wheelchair user but still can stand, weight bear and transfer with help of grab rails walker etc.

The main use for me is to dampen down the spasticity making legs easier to move ie sitting to standing and getting dressed.


Hi, it does help with tightness in the muscles usually.

But I had it for heel pain…in the legs as they said they dont inject feet…but it did nowt for the pain.

Worth a try.