Botox injection with a suprapubic catheter

Hi, Just wondering if anyone with a suprapubic catheter has had the botox injection in their bladder? My parent is having dire problems with the catheter leaking and blocking regularly (changed every 5 day approx) but is due to have the botox injection soon. Will it help? They are unable to go anywhere for fear of it leaking or blocking and is basically housebound because of it.

l have had a SPC for 18yrs - and have never had this sort of problem. lt is possibly caused by the tube ‘kinking’. This blocks the flow and causes the leaking. l use a short length catheter and a drainage bag with no tubing - its a direct connector. l just tie the bag, with a lace around my waist - and it all fits neatly inside of my pants. So there is not dragging or possible kinking of a tube. Look on the website living with a urinary catheter. l am in the over 60’s group and my name is Frances. Last year l was interviewed by these people and asked to help with my experiences.

Also, l take a daily supplement of D-Mannose - it is for a healthy urinary tract. lf taken regularly it prevents any uti’s. And of course you do need to drink plenty of water - but gradually during the day. Do not drink large amounts in one go - its too much for the bladder to be suddenly full - and then have to empty. The drainage holes in the catheter are tiny and better suited to slowly and steadily emptying.lf the catheter is pushed in too far - it can block the uretha and that can cause blockage. And if the catheter gets adhered to the bladder wall it will block and cause leakage. lt needs to be gently turned every day to keep it free.

l have my catheter changed every 5weeks - this suits me best because the tip of the cath can get granulated which can cause a trauma when removed.

With Botox - and l do have friends who have had this done - and they have to self-catheterise as they cannot empty without.

Let me know if l can help anymore.

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Hi, I had an spc fitted last month. I asked about possible spasms in my bladder and was told to give it a few months to settle down and then see. I see my urologist in November…so that`s is a few months eh? I am contiuing to take 20mg oxybutynin daily to calm my bladder. I have had a few spasms recently and just one flood since having the spc. It was caused by a faulty collection bag, which sealed itself off somehow.

Most of the time I dont leak at all…urethrally…except when passing some stools. it isnt a problem as I am either on the commode or the loo.

There has been no urine leakage from the wound site.

How long has your parent had the spc? Changing every 5 days sounds extreme.

Sounds like something is not quite right. I think you should speak to the urologist or district nurse.

I think botox is used to calm a spasming bladder. I cant see how it would stop a leaky wound.


Hi Carolyn,

Sorry to hear about your parent’s problem. I have had a SPC for a good few years now and felt from the start that it was the best thing that I had ever done. Initial problems were soon overcome and I learned quickly about not getting the tube kinked. I have my catheter changed every 10 weeks as this is what my District Nurses agreed to carry out. I was always told that frequent changes, like your parent has, causes trauma to the catheter site as well as upset for the patient.The best person to advise you on this would be a Continence Care Nurse or an Urologist, which is not always easy to arrange. It’s disappointing that the very thing that should give your parent more freedom and peace of mind, is making her/his life a misery. Losing urine from the catheter opening is not common but can happen. Hope you get help soon.


My SPC is 28 yrs. old and mine has been leaking intermittently for 3-4 yrs. The stoma wall has eroded some over the years. I hope someone figures out a way to give it a better seal. Let me know how the bo-tox works. I have thought a little about using bo-tox or maybe even a safe version of silicone. I didn’t know they were using it but please let me know how it works.

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