Botox fail?

I had one injection in my right hamstring (back of my knee) at the start of the month. Given by my neurologist , with the intention of giving some relief from spasticity and allowing some flexibility in my knee. I was told to expect to feel something in seven to ten days.

Four weeks later, nothing. Zilch. Zero effect. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

Am I unique or has anyone else had zero results with Botox?

I went last January for it doing into my leg, it wasn’t the neuro, I was sent to a different hospital and told that it doesn’t work for everyone and sometimes can make things worse, I decided to leave it alone, I have it in my bladder and this works ok, good luck

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Some years ago, I had 8 injections of botox into my legs, for very painful heels…They hurt like chuff and did zilch to help the problem. They don’t inject into feet they said.

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Spasticity consultant who put me on Sativex also explained that Botox would be an option, but she added that it offers a rather low % of success.

She also said that the longer you’re on it the rate of success reduces.

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I’ve got Diplopia (double vision), and it must be at least 15yrs ago that i had a few sessions of Botox in my eyes. They hoped it would relax the muscles at the back of the eye. I wasn’t to keen on them sticking a needle into my eyes, but the nurse told me i was lucky. She said she knew people who went to beauty salons and paid hundreds of pounds, and i was getting it for free… Each session helped for a short while, but then my eyes slipped back. I’ve had surgery since.

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Thanks for the replies folks. I meet with the neurologist in March so we’ll have a discussion on what to do.