Booked flu vaccine

You can tell winter is here when people start talking about the flu vaccinaton.

Phoned up yesterday and booked mine for two weeks time. I always book before the letters go out or you have to wait weeks because of the rush!!

Beat the rush book today!! keep healthy

Jen x

Ooh…thanks for the reminder Jen. Am off to doctors tomorrow afternoon as the damn wound is still open, not healing and turning black, so I will book it then. Xx

Well done, me too! I’m booked in for the 8th October. I waited 'til I got the letter inviting bookings, but didn’t have trouble actually obtaining one. They are literally two-minute bookings, though, so it always makes me laugh. I have a booking for 3:28 precisely, and the letter says please NOT to arrive early, as it causes “unnecessary congestion”.

I had to laugh! I have MS, and will be arriving on the bus. How on earth do they think I’m going to achieve this feat of military precision, of arriving at 3:28 on the dot? If I manage to get there within ten minutes either side of the specified time, I will consider I’ve done rather well.



I phoned on Tuesday for mine and the earliest date my surgery could offer is the 16th October. The time is better though, I’m in at 3.15 and as I work until 3pm all I have to do is leave work on time. That could be the only tricky part of the whole operation …

Tina - good luck with your bus journey. Of course, if you do manage to arrive on the dot of 3.28pm you won’t actually receive your flu jab at that time because, if your surgery is anything like mine, all the OAPs arrive wearing 6 layers of clothing and they won’t remove a single layer until the nurse wants to stick the needle in!! Consequently all appointments will be running at least 10 minutes late …

It’s all good fun, every year :slight_smile:

Tracey x

Do you get a flu jab because of the MS?

@barney owl

yes pwms get the flu jab because we have compromised immune systems

now if only we could win the lottery for the same reason!

I had mine last week - a cold makes my MS flare up… heaven knows what the flu would do!

Every time I book in, I get a cold a week or so before. Even my immune system hates needles. Haha.