Couldn't book flu' jab :(


I admit I’ve been putting it off for a while, but now that Autumn’s clearly upon us, I thought I MUST book my flu’ jab.

Rang the surgery - only ONE date on offer, which (S*d’s law!) was the date of my hospital appointment. I wouldn’t be able to do both, as they’re totally different places, and I don’t drive - I’d be knackered.

So they said to try again towards the end of next week, as they’re “hoping” to offer further flu’ clinics. Doesn’t sound that definite, though, does it? Maybe I should just go in Boots and pay for it. I don’t want to chance not having one, and the surgery really isn’t that convenient, even if they did have appointments. Might be easier and quicker just to get it done while I’m out shopping anyway.

I’ve spoken to my mother (different part of the country), and she said her surgery had very limited dates for the jab, too. Also she didn’t get an automatic reminder, as in past years, so it was almost as if they were trying not to encourage people. When she queried the limited dates, she was told it was due to shortage of staff to do the jabs. Budgetary cuts, or just nobody interested in being a flu’ jab nurse?


Hi Anitra,

my surgery has ‘open flu clinics’ You don’t need an appointment. They are doing about 5 i think. Really good idea. You just walk in and get the jab! I was going to go tomorrow but i have a dreadful cold so may postpone till the next one - next week. So much easier than sticking to appointments. Shame this is not the case in every area.


Hi Teresa,

Swings and roundabouts. My mum’s surgery has a system like that, but it means queuing is literally round the block - especially now they’ve reduced the number of days, so everyone’s trying for the same ones. Considering most folks needing a flu’ jab are either elderly, like my mum, or have health issues, I don’t think leaving them to queue in the street in all weathers is a great idea either.

In my case, a walk-in system wouldn’t have made any difference, as the only day they’re currently offering the jabs is the one day I can’t go. I was very tempted to scrap the hospital appointment, as I don’t find them a lot of benefit, and think the jab is probably more important, out of the two. But none of us want to risk offending our neuros, do we? If the time came that I really did need to see him, I might get short shrift if I’d cancelled previous appointments.