Body aching

So back agian with a question. I have a lot of “pain” or aching i guess. I have had only few times what i think was nerve pain on my bad side (right leg and arm), it was the feeling of to much air in a tire, bee stings and burning but cold at the same time pretty much.
I have not experienced any charlie horses or bad cramps i think, never any lock ups in my muscle.

But i do have all day, all night body aching in i think joints and muscles, over my whole body from my toes to fingers to eyes, jaw and neck, absolute everywhere, sometimes its really hurt like when you hit your arm into something hard and afterwards it throbs and ache bad and sometimes its just very tiny aching, like someone is pulling in your skin or like a ant biting you…
So hard to describe “sensory pain”

But are these small cramps but they are not visible? or is it just the brain sending the wrong signals of pain? Anyone experience the same?
I dont have a MS diagnosis, but from my symptoms i think a nerve disease or something similar is pretty much spot on (i feel like atleast)

Hi there

I’ve no idea what’s causing your symptoms but I just wanted to respond and ask if you have brought these things to the attention of your doctor. I do not have any experience medically or even ms but I hope you feel better soon