Intermittent Cramping and pain

Hi, Currently waiting to see neurologist but have a quick question. Do you get mild cramping type feelings in the calves, odd aches/pain in ankle and other joints intermittently or would they be there for a while? As much as the numbing has decreased, I’ve started getting sporadic aches and pains all over my body or what appears to feel like cramps in the leg or lower arm. Sometimes the knee, ankle, thumb, eyes… doesn’t last too long - couple of minutes to 20 minutes roughly. Thanks

HI yeah i have some of those mainly ankle, eyes, and hands they only last couple of minutes, ive sen neuro and he was saying that it sometimes point to ms but not always as it can mean a number of things …good luck with your neuro appointment

Hi - yes I get this too…

I hope you feel better & get answers soon - hopefully your appt is imminent?

Love & hugs,

C xx

Thanks. I was starting to wonder if I might have something else to worry about. It’s a mix between back/neck issues or something such as MS, which is what the GP is suggesting. However, I don’t think you get cramping (but not cramping - it’s really hard to explain it) and sporadic aches/pain in different parts of the body for the neck/back do you? Ah, who I kidding, everything is guessing until I see a Neurologist. Just wish it wasn’t a wait - June! When you sit there waiting, not knowing what twitch, pain, cramp… is just you or whether it’s something else. I just don’t understand all the different feelings that I’m getting and I can’t seem to switch off from them.