Cramps and oddness

Morning everyone, I am not yet diagnosed, but very symptomatic and MS is highly suspected by a neuro and my GP. Over the last couple of days…well especially nights, I have been noticing my left leg cramping up, not to the crescendo point of pain, but that interim period where it doesn’t really hurt. Anyway, this morning, I noticed that my knee joint and part way into my thigh and calf it felt like it was tightening up. Again not too painful, but very noticeable as to how stiff it felt. I have kept moving and it did ease it, but before, I was doing something on the laptop for my hubby, and using the mouse, my right arm started doing the same thing. It was just tingling this morning, but I noticed that as I was using the mouse, it went stiff and heavy. It started in my hand until it worked up my arm up to half way up the top part. It feels like someone has injected lead and it feels achy. I just wondered if anyone else can relate to this? Have a great day


Stiffness and cramps are both common symptoms of MS. Of course, that doesn’t mean you definitely have MS, as they’re not unique to that, but it’s a fairly typical experience.

Cramp and muscle-tightness are both treatable, even in the absence of a confirmed diagnosis, BUT some doctors are reluctant, when it’s still not clear what the cause is. In theory you can still treat symptoms without being certain of the cause. Just depends how proactive the doctor is about doing it. Some are very, very cautious about trying anything, without explicit instructions from your neuro.


It does sound like spacicity, which like Tina says is a fairly common MS symptom. If it’s troubling you have a chat with your GP, and definitely tell your neuro.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. They seem to be worse today, especially my right arm and hand, they feel as if they are really tight, like the skin and all the sinews inside, and when I try to stretch it out, it aches and tingles…weird! What sort of medication would help,these cramps, as is feel like I have toothache in my arm and leg? Maybe this link will help you, do have a chat with your GP too. Good luck

I have also gone with this type of pain some days before and someone suggested me a thing and then I got relief.It happens due to cold so you should wear socks everytime and use accu- pressure slippers at home it will give you relief and when you will go outside also wear sock and shoes as this has give me relief and I hop you too get.

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