does this happen to anyone else??

Hi For a few weeks now I’ve been suffering with what I can only describe as cramp in my right hand fingers and the toes in my right foot. This only lasts for about 5-10 seconds but when its happening I can’t stretch my fingers or toes out. Nowhere else seems to be affected. Can anyone help or advise? Thank u Nic x

Hi Nic, I see from your ‘recent posts’ that you are recently dx… so yes, it is your MS causing this. I get it as well. It is often called ‘clawing’ as it feels like the hands and feet are more like a claw!

Some of the drugs for MS can help… and some people say that drinking tonic water at night helps because the quinine in it helps to stop cramps. You could give that a go.

It’s probably happening more at night than day because you are tired. Remember to rest as much as you can.

Knowing that it’s MS causing it can sometimes help and keep in mind that it’s only lasting a few seconds… I find it more irritating than anything… it’s not painful for me anyway.

Hope this helps hon,

Pat x


I have had this for years but never assiciated it with MS until my recent diagnosis. It is like cramp but no matter what I do it will only go away of its own accord. For example, in the past if I got cramp say in my calf from exercise I could stretch and would feel it easing. No matter waht I do with this it stays until it wants to go away. Not much help I’m affraid but just wanted to let you know you are not alone with this one.

Hi, Thank you so much for the replies, it’s awful to say but I’m glad I’m not alone. The cramping does happen more in the evenings and if I change sleeping positions in the night or even when I get up off the sofa too quickly. It doesn’t hurt but is annoying. I’m worked up today as I have a spinal MRI tomorrow. When I spoke to my neuro last week he is asking the ms clinic and nurses to get in touch with me. Really grateful for everyone’s responses on here, Thank u Nic x