new symptoms!

I know everyone’s MS is different but has anyone noticed that a tip of yr finger will go red hot inside, normal temp when u touch it only lasting seconds? I’ve been having this intermittently throughout the day. Also one night last week I’ve woken from sleep with the feeling that someone is shaking my leg to wake me. I’ve woken saying ok ok i’ll be there now! I do suffer from phantom touching of my limbs, which used to freak me out. Not spoken to my MS nurse just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar? Thanks Rach x

Hi Rach,

I don’t recognise the finger-tip thing, but I have had the phantom touching - specifically, tugging on a toe! I think the toe was actually moving involuntarily (muscle contraction), so in my sleep, this got interpreted as: “Well I’m not doing it, so somebody must be tugging on it!” Which is a bit alarming when you live alone, as how can anybody/anything be tugging on a toe?

I did used to have cats with a bit of a fetish for toes (as far as they were concerned, they were fantasy mice, moving under the bedclothes - and therefore legitimate prey!) And when she was a kitten, one of them used to test her bravery, or try to prompt a game, by running up to me, nipping a toe, and running away!

But a long time since I had the cats, so they really couldn’t be blamed for the night-time toe-grabbing. Although I think, in my sleep, I did sort of assume it was them, at that was the only explanation that made sense - before coming fully awake and realising I don’t have cats any more!



hi rach

i get ghostly touching symptom too.

as for the hot fingertip, i get burning feet.

i look at my central nervous system as some kind of electric circuit and i need a rewire!!!

could it explain the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion?

carole x