Aching all over - anyone else get this ?

Just wondered if anyone else has felt the same. ?

I started to get aching feelings in the front of my thighs and pelvis area about 6 months ago, usually in the morning when I woke up. After moving around for a while the aching would go. Since then Gradually the aching has got worse, to extent that every bone in my body aches. It is still worse in the morning but continues now all day and at night.

I don’t know if it is a typical MS symptom or not. ? Has anyone else experienced this kind of aching - I would not say it was muscle spasm or MS hug type feeling, more like my whole body seizing up.

I wonder this too. I was dx in November everything started in May last year, no pain first 3 months and just started after the steroids following a big relapse. I’m sick of being so sore


i get that feeling too.

try a few gentle yoga stretches and look after your posture.

carole x

Agree with Carole, try yoga, it’s really helped me, my physio suggested it. I do Pilates too. I am so stiff and tight that I walk like a penguin! ( that’s what my kids say I look like anyway) Are you on painkillers? I am having a sensory relapse at the minute and if the bits on my body are not numb, they are killing! ( can’t win can we?) I have upped my gabapentin but it’s making me feel dreadful. Have day off work today and am so glad as feel like I am in a trance! All the best x