Achy legs back and pelvis

Hi all For the last couple of days I feel so heavy and achy when moving about. My legs and lower back feel so stiff and my pelvis area aches too. This clamy heat isn’t helping either. Please say I’m not alone with this xx

No youre not alone. My legs ache 24-7. I take Gabapenten which helps with sleeping. Other than that, Im so used to it now and Im told its just a symptom of MS. There must be something that relieves it.

Oh I so sympathise I have had this for a long long time but because I had issues with arthritis and hip dysplasia I was sent off down the Orthopaedic route, I had a knee replacement which has become hyper-mobile (basically it pops back the wrong way when I walk) …it was only when I found I could no longer lift my legs that I took matters into my own hands and went back to the GP who kicked off the tests that have led me here. It’s a nightmare we’re going on holiday soon and I think I am just going to have to get a wheelchair to give us SOME chance of actually seeing anything!

You may had a wrong sleeping posture. A bad posture can cause back, leg, shoulder, pelvis, and other joint pain. You must maintain a good posture while sitting, sleeping, working, driving, workout, and in every activity. By the way, you can do some back exercise to relieve it fast but temporarily. Go to the doctor for better advice.