Boccia, a wheelchair sport, anyone know anything about it?

Hi everyone

Does anyone know anything about this game or where we can buy equipment, Amazon don’t seem to have heard of it. Thanks for any replies.



l googled it Wendy - lt is a paralympic sport. 2teams of 3 - each player has 2 balls. All the info on the web. l expect you would need one of those super-duper lightweight chairs. But l should imagine if you had enough people for 2 teams you could play at a ‘lower’ level.


We play it at school.

It’s meant to be all-inclusive. Think of it like boules but with everyone sitting down, so able-bodied and wheelchiar users compete on an equal footing. There is no mobility involved apart from being able to lob a ball from a sitting position.

You don’t need any special equipment beyond a set of balls. Some youngsters with quite profound disabilities that I’ve seen playing it have used a ramp, somewhat like a length of guttering, so that they can rest it on their shoulder, aim it and then roll the ball down it.

It’s a good mixer for young, old, variedly-able etc.

Thanks for the reply; we are hoping to have someone bring it along to a support meeting, I think that whoever brings it will show us how it works. We’ll have to see how it goes.