Wheelchair activities

What kind of activities You have on Your wheelchair?

What do you think about this:

Think I’ll stick to a nice sedate trip to Sainsbury’s

Very skilled. Is that you?

I play wheelchair tennis, though there’s not much call for doing wheelies. It’s enough just to get to the ball in time and hit it over the net !

What do I do in my wheelie?..i swing from the ceiling track for my hoist…I play footie with the kids outside…I paraglide in the summer…I take hot air balloon rides…I go wing wheeling with the Red Arrows…oh…and i tell the odd porkie too!!!

Did i fool you for just a mo there?

luv Pollx

Yes Anonymous, that is me.

That video was inspired by one of my patients and dedicated to her.

Hills that is great piece of activity. Wish to try one day tennis. I have been playing in rugby on wheelchairs with one of the best Polish rugby team Four Kings Warsaw. AMAZING experience and also very inspiring.

MS43 I have no words :smiley:

Brilliant !!

Interesting - do you have MS?

There is no way I’d have the energy or strength to do any of this/

;-/ Mary

No I do not have MS Mary.

The secret is in the way how You can adapt activities to Your possibilities :wink:

What kind of wheelchair activities are affer to people with MS here in UK? Tennis…paragliding… Who tried dance on wheelchair?

I must admit that that was quite impressive. Dunno if could any of those moves as I am quite a burly fella. That said though I strarted playing whelchair basketball recently and I really love it! Although I have taken some spectacular tumbles, which is par for th course playing a sport that is wheelchair based!1


Hi Lukas,

Are you disabled?

Are you a permanent wheelchair user?

Do you make or sell wheelchairs?

If not any of the above I really don’t see why you are showing off these skills, as although I would love to be able to do some of these moves - I can’t because of my MS and these possiblitis are not open to me and many others.

I get very frustrated by people showing off their skills in wheelchairs when they do not have a disability and are telling others to reach for their possibilities that they themself have no idea of.

I guess I’m annoyed with your post - I’d love to be able to play games like this but I can’t - I’m open to possibilities but they have to be realistic!!!

;-( Mary


No, i am not a permanent wheelchair user.

No, i am not making or selling wheelchairs.

You said that it makes you frustrated when people who have no idea about disability and possibilities of disabled people talking about reaching things that might never be reached. What about physiotherapists? They know only theory. Even experienced PT can not understand limitatons which are creating every single day for person with any disorder. But they giving advices and trying to motivate to reach things unbelivable hard.

Am i disabled? Yes

28 years ago i was diagnosed with Celebral Palsy. I have spastisity in lower limbs. Untill my 6 i had three surgeries and in my 12 i was after10 years of very intense physiotherapy.

I am 28 years old, i have quite tough school of life behind me and i think i know what i am talking about.

For one of my patient this video was very motivated. She is about 30 y.o and is diagnosed with MS. And not only for her.

I did not want to offend you at any point of my conversation.

Best wishes

MSc Lukasz Hasiuk

Physiotherapist (Poland)

I was wondering why everyone who saw this video though that my intention was to show my advantage. I did not ask who can do this. I did not ask to do things like this. I am aware of many limitations that people with MS suffering from I was asking about activities and oportunities to have different activities on wheelchair here in UK. I am interested in it. For those who are thinking that wheelchair is the end of everything: Few examples how people deal with theirs disabilities :slight_smile:

Wheelchair Skating (First Wheelchair Backflip) - YouTube Aaron Fotheringham

Boccia Individual Mixed BC3 Bronze Medal Match - Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games - YouTube Boccia competition

London 2012 Wheelchair Rugby Promo - YouTube Wheelchair rugby

Remix Sexmachine James Brown & Dergin Tokmak - YouTube Dergin Tokmak

Piotr DOROTA dance show - YouTube Piotrek Iwanicki and Dorota Janowska

and Lukasz Hasiuk (National MS Centre in Dabek, Poland / KOMR Dabek) but You know me already :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Chubster

Where do you play in Basketball ? I mean in what City. How you started? How it looks like?

Spectacular tumbles are part of it but it makes more interesting and unpredictable :wink:

I remember mine when I was on training with rugby players. At the begining of each training or game they make huge hit. Two players standing in front of each other at the ends of the gym. They going forward as fast as they can and meet in the middle with BIG HIT :slight_smile: I jump outside the wheelchair while everyone else were loughing :slight_smile: That was my initiation.