Blurred vision

Hi there - I’ve just realised that my vision has gone very blurred in my left eye. Panicking a little as I’ve never had problems with my vision before and generally I’m feeling well at the moment. What do you do in this situation - contact the ms team?

Thanks for any advice


Yes, contact your team, I suspect they will refer you to the eye clinic. It’s happened to me twice, quite some time ago now. There’s nothing to fear, they inject a dye into your arm and then look into your eye with a bright light; I think they take images.

Don’t take any chances with your sight, if your vision is still blurry tomorrow, then call your nurse first thing. It could turn out to be nothing much at all, but better to get it checked out and have peace of mind, eh?


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Pop along to your local optician, they would be your first port of call. It could be something as simple as an eye infection, Or just needing glasses.

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Yes i agree its nothing to worry about. I have blepharitis due to dry eye and suddenly can have blurred vision. i went to opticien and now use drops when it kicks off i found it was the central heating that started it off. i use a humidifier now too which helps.