Blue Bloods

With Tom Selleck

I just love love love this programme

Do any of you watch it on Sky Atlantic?

I used to think he was great on Magnum P.I.

The guy is 70 but still got Charisma-I wouldn’t kick him out of bed


I don’t post very often as there’s rarely anything I can add but as no one else has commented I will. I love Blue Bloods and Tom Selleck, I saw him once in London just in the street, must have been 25 years ago Wow that’s scarey.

You saw him in the flesh! Lucky you. He’s very tall isn’t he

I thought I didn’t recognise your name-thought you were new

Now why is it you feel you have nothing to add? I don’t believe that for one minute.


I remember he seemed to be with quite a small woman, but maybe it was just because he was so tall.

Tall, dark and handsome


Gotta admit I love Blue Bloods. Watch it every week. Loved Magnum as well. Now when I watch the occasional Magnum repeat I think how young Tom Selleck looks.

I’ve only recently discovered this programme, so I am enjoying the repeats each evening at 7 and of course the present series.

It’s well acted by all the stars and the outdoor filming is top notch.

I like to watch most of the NCIS ones too


i love blue bloods, i’ve always found tom selleck gorgeous too. it’s always helpful to have such a nice distraction! i do find the woman playing his daughter a bit of an ice-queen though, the shot of her in the titles chills my blood, every time.


I remember he did at least one movie without his trademark moustache and he looked very odd. A moustache just suits some people…spoiler alert I have a moustache – shaved it off once and my wife says I’m not allowed to shave it off again.

My husband has a moustache and beard-it tickles and itches my face