the bodyguard

first two episodes and i was hooked after the first.

dirty politicians, one particularly durrrty politician.

richard madden, Robb Stark in game of thrones, stars in it.

excellent drama.

Haven’t seen it yet but have the first two episodes recorded ready. Looks good

it is good!

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I think its the same person that made ‘Line of duty’ if so it must be good.I cant wait for it to return in 2019.I missed ‘Bodyguard’ monday and tuesday,but will watch it on ‘catch up’.

yes it felt familiar to me too, must have been the line of duty connection.

hope you manage to get episode one, if not try watching it online.

i thought the actor was familiar too, turns out he played robb stark in game of thrones.

admire actors who choose good roles!

Mr Sssue started watching it. I didn’t because my stupid brain doesn’t work right and I lose the plot and then become really annoying ‘who’s that?’ And ‘why did X happen?’ And ‘what happened in the episode we watched yesterday?’ I don’t know why my cognitive function is as peculiar as it is. I just know I can’t watch TV series’ anymore. Boo.



i record a series, watch it as it is first shown, then watch the recording before the next episode.

it’s a long, convoluted process but i can follow it this way.

it must really get your goat!

have a gin!

We’ve tried recording a series and watching an episode per night, but by the third night I’ve totally lost the plot. I’m getting used to it now, and he’s got into all those things in a mixture of English, French, Flemish, Dutch, Danish and I don’t know what else! Far too complicated for me.

I am drinking gin at this very moment. Soon I shall swap over to red wine as we eat the koftas I made earlier. Together with Mediterranean veg and tortillas with harissa yoghurt and tsatziki.

I just thought I make every envious of my splendid dinner to come. Nothing to do with TV at all.


well done sue you achieved it, i’m jealous and impressed.

Bloody gorgeous. It was a total triumph. And easy as anything. (So long as you double up the spices in the original recipe and make a few little changes.) But I bet your curry was great, I told Mr S and he immediately went, mmm, that sounds nice.


confession time, i didn’t make that goan fish curry myself. ocado brought it and i popped it in the oven for 30 minutes. get me! all powsh getting curry from waitrose! extravagant and delicious xx

I love the Bodyguard. One problem. I missed the first episode. Unable to utilize catch up. Please. Can anyone give me a quick idea of the first episode? Can’t make up my mind if the Police Guard is a good man or not!! Thanks Anne.


i will pm you so as not to ruin it for anybody else.

Totally hooked !!

I can’t claim to understand it all, but these recap’s help a bit.