blue badges

Hello everyone

Has anyone applied recently? My nurse has told me too due to the fatigue getting worse. I have left all the forms with the library and I just wondered what happens next?


i dont understand why the forms have left at library? local council deals with them. maybe library is a drop off point in ur area for coucil post? otherwise, sorry, i dont understand.

ellie x

oh sorry, in bexley the library and a company called inspire deal with it… hence why I left it at the library.

ah-thanks for telling me. my council took a couple of weeks-recieved new badge in post. sorry cant say re new applications but think it was approx the same-cant remember-duh!

ellie x

My business partner just organised one for this father, it was a new application (I think through Bromley) and took no more than 2 weeks.

thanks for your replies. I am guessing as its xmas it may take a bit longer.

Hi Chelsey,

Im in scotland and in process of applying for blue badge due to fatuge aswell and have had to wait a couple of months (apparently a lot of people have applied) for an assessment with OT to see if I qualify for it , my assessment was ment to be today but im loaded with cold and have two sick children aswell so had to cancel

Natalie x

Hi youngmum,

I actually got a call from them yesterday and have the interview friday… I am the same as you, getting it because of fatigue …I will keep you posted on what happens.

Hope your cold shifts soon xx

Now I know that I am going potty.

I was trawling through the post looking at what I wanted to read/respond to when I did a double take,

Blue Badgers

My mind had an image of our beautiful British mammal with a blue rinse.
I usually only make these daft mistakes when I mishear people – goodness it’s spread to my eyes now!

did mine 4th dec still waiting